American Horse Lake camping
September 11, 2004

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We attended this campout last year while under the impression there were facilities available there.  Turns out this is not the case, but we had such a good time that we decided to make it an annual event for us.  We got a late start because of other commitments earlier in the day, but we managed to pack in a lot of fun and activity just the same.  

Here we are after dinner, sitting by the fire and awaiting Kirby's 'Dutch Oven Cobbler'

That night the OKC Astronomy Club spent hours teaching us about the sky
and letting us use their telescopes.  What a nice group of people. 


 The next morning.

I took a nice long walk,
hoping breakfast would
magically appear while
I was gone.  No luck!   

   Eric on guard duty, keeping us all safe from intruders and marauding raccoons.
 Kirby, preparing another dutch oven creation for us for breakfast The crowd looks on, giddy with early- morning excitement.


Thanks to the kindness of my OKC-ON friends, I got to go 
out for a paddle in a borrowed kayak that morning.

One last look at the lake before we headed back to civilization...


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