Mexico with Amy
December 9 - 14, 2003

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Amy Casazza, my sister-in-law and friend, called me one day and said, "Do you want to go to Mexico?"  I said, "Yes!"  So here we are.  We spent 5 days in the Yucatan, most of the time on Isla Mujeres, a small island off Cancun.  We spent the last day and a half in Cancun itself.  We really loved the island, it was very quiet, peaceful, and undeveloped.  But don't tell anyone or they'll develop it too!!
 Taking the ferry to the hotel.  It was a nice, open-air ride Our first views out the hotel window the next morning
   This was the "King's Pool"  It was full of fish.

 Our second day we got motor scooters to drive across the island.  We spent the day at Garrafón National Park.  It was very beautiful.

Me with some parrots in the lower left corner (I didn't want to get too close!)

 The park


Amy by the pool


 My view for our afternoon siesta


How many wristbands does it take to have a vacation?

 Me, thoroughly enjoying the hammock  
 Amy & Shawnna, in shadow And away we go!


A Mexican church where they had a special 
celebration to commemorate Mary's birthday
Our third day we took bicycles around  
the island to visit the Sea Turtle farm.

The Pelicans were not shy


Beautiful Sea Turtles in a tank

   I love this picture.
Here's a big Sea Turtle in a pen in the ocean.
I think he's nearly ready to be released. 

My Dad makes the pipe they used for the fence.


Here I am on the rocky shoreline on one side of the hotel  


Our last views of the island before we had to head back to Cancun


This link is a movie of a Pelican making a dive, but I don't know how to turn it the right way.  

I guess you'll have to lean your head to the side when you watch it.


Shots of our Cancun hotel

Here we are showing off our (fake) tatoos.  We each put our
husband's name in a heart to show that we thought of them 
at least once on our vacation!
Our last night we visited the Cancun version of Pat O'Brian's.
We thought it was fitting since we had taken Amy & Jeb to 
the real one in New Orleans years ago.

What a great time!  Amy, how soon until we can go back?!!!



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